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25 agosto 2013

American Express is sponsoring Charity Miles

American Express is now sponsoring Charity Miles. This literally just happened OUT OF THE BLUE!
Their agency proposed the idea on Thursday 22nd afternoon, and by yesterday afternoon they confirmed it. AMAZING!
A few details about the campaign. It's for American Express' #PassionProject, which aims to help people like us use our passion to change the world. Perfect, right?!
So, with that in mind, we have a few requests:
  1. Please make sure to use Charity Miles as frequently as possible over the next few weeks. Even if you're just going for a little walk. Remember: #EveryMileMatters!
  2. Please get as many people as possible to use the app. We really want to make a big impression!
  3. When you use the app, please be sure to thank American Express on Facebook and Twitter. We can't do this without their support!
  4. It would also be great if you could send a few tweets thanking @AmericanExpress for supporting your @CharityMiles #PassionProject. And when you do, please include this link to their #PassionProject video:

(Bonus points for sharing the link! They want it shared as much as possible. And we really want to blow this out of the water for them!! As always, we'll randomly select 10 people who tweet this to win a Charity Miles T-Shirt.)
This is a big opportunity for all of us. Thanks for making it happen!

P.S. Important note: American Express is sponsoring Charity Miles generally. However, we cannot associate their sponsorship for Wounded Warrior Project or Stand Up To Cancer. Not because American Express doesn't want to support them, but because those charities have their own sponsorships with MasterCard. So please don't tweet anything to American Express about those two charities. Please just thank them for supporting Charity Miles generally. THANKS!

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