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21 marzo 2014

News from Charity Miles

Welcome to Team RWB to the Charity Miles family! Team RWB has been, by far, our most requested charity-- undoubtedly because our team is so supportive of veterans.
So, as many of you already know, Team RWB does amazing work to enrich the lives of America's veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity.
Ever see a red and rowdy bunch carrying an American flag in a marathon? Yep- that's them! They're incredibly enthusiastic. And I'm sure they're going to amp up the Charity Miles Team Spirit even more!

One of our teammates, Anna Judd, is about to become the first person to run across the United States with Charity Miles! She leaves this Saturday morning from Venice Beach Pier in Los Angeles at 930 AM and will run 40 miles a day, six days a week until she arrives at the Freedom Tower in New York City in 100 days!
And Anna doesn't even consider herself an athlete. She is a 29 year-old painter, musician and self-proclaimed hippie from southern California. "My running," she says, "is my performance art." How cool is that?!
When Anna decided to run across the country, she wanted to do it for a cause, and found herself unexpectedly drawn to raise awareness for veterans. On her journey, she will be carrying 22 (fairly large) stones to symbolize the average of 22 veterans who commit suicide every day. Here's a beautiful video of Anna telling the story of why she's doing this:

So let's give Anna a hearty Charity Miles sendoff! Please tweet to @RunAnna2014 and wish her luck from Team @CharityMiles. Also, please follow her so that you can stay in touch with her on her journey. She'll be sending regular tweets, photos and videos from the road. She also likes to do live video casts through Hang With (a pretty sweet app), so please follow "AnnaRunsAmerica" there as well.
For those of you who may like to run a few miles with Anna, here is a link to her route. If you happen to live near it, please head out to wish her luck as she passes through. If you want to do that, please email, and we'll help set it up.
Likewise, for any of you who live in Los Angeles, please come out to Venice Beach Pier on Saturday morning by 930 AM to help us make a scene for Anna. You can also run with her if you want. We'll have some T-Shirts, etc. to give away. And it will be great to meet you!

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