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26 giugno 2015

[ENG] The medal of Verona Marathon - a step in history

There is a strong link between what is represented by this medal and your being a marathoner. 
You deal of roads, travel, strategic positions, squares and cross roads. Cardo and Decumanus are two main roads of Verona, where you can run next November 15.
Feel like you're running in Roman history where Verona was principal. Hence our commemorative medal: for your efforts, your smile, to your satisfaction.
The history of Verona, since its foundation, has been inextricably linked to the roads. The Romans chose the place where it would then sort the city because of its strategic location along the foothills and the Val d'Adige. There would have intersected the network of roads linking the north of the Italian peninsula. At the center there would have been Verona.

Via Postumia linking Aquileia with Genoa literally ran through Verona, becoming decumannus. Via Gallica linked Mediolanum (nowadays Milan) with Verona, intersecting with Via Postumia at the Arch of Gavi. Finally Verona was lapped by Via Claudio-Augusta, along the Adige Valley, linking the Alpine passes with Ostiglia. From the second century B.C. to the present day Verona has thus maintained its central role as a hub for roads east-west and north-south today represented by: the Venice to Milan and Modena to Brenner.
From the roads linking Verona with other Roman cities that were built around in the following centuries, there were the city streets. Like all Roman cities, also Verona was made through a rigorous development plan. Tracked the two main streets, Cardo Maximus and Decumanus Maximus, at the point where these intersected perpendicularly there stood the Forum, today Piazza delle Erbe. The rest of the city was then divided into Cardi minor and Decumani minor parallel to each other and perpendicular, forming a la chessboard which divided the city blocks.

Even today, looking at aerial photographs of Verona you will be astonished by seeing the great regularity in which the old town is still divided into blocks.

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